Welcome to Functional Medicine at Shrout Family Chiropractic!

As chiropractors, our philosophy has always been to get to the root cause of pain or dysfunction.  Functional Medicine allows us to expand that philosophy to a wider range of issues.  It is exactly what its name implies.  Instead of treating numbers on a lab printout or treating every symptom with a different prescription, functional medicine digs deeper.  With functional medicine, we ask the question "Why?"  Why is my cholesterol high?  Why do I get so fatigued?  We then answer those questions by looking at the biochemical pathways in the body and working to correct those imbalances at the source.  Our goal is to correct these mostly through dietary and lifestyle changes that have been shown to help with the chronic disease that has become epidemic in our society.  We also use targeted supplementation from companies that are backed by numerous scientific studies and that only distribute to healthcare providers.  We want you to be your optimal you.  Click here to find out more about how the process works. And, as always, to get more information, or to schedule, click here to get to our contact form, or call our office at 317-817-WELL(9355).