At Shrout Family Chiropractic, we know that sometimes you just need some time spent on those tight spots.  For that reason, we have offered massage therapy since we opened our practice.  Retraining and releasing the adhesions in muscle is a critical component of treating your musculoskeletal issues.  They don't just add the "musculo" part to make it sound more impressive, the muscles make up most of what allows the joints to move properly. Our doctors will always spend part of your adjustment working on the soft tissues that surround the bones and joints that we are treating.  Sometimes though, you need more time spent on these soft tissue problems.  Our massage therapists are trained to provide a deep tissue massage that is tailored to you.  The doctors work closely with the therapists in order to make sure specific issues are being addressed.  

We also offer several different types of massage depending on your needs and wants.  We always offer a therapeutic massage that is deep tissue and designed to treat and heal your musculoskeletal issues and complement your chiropractic treatments.  We have found that people who get regular massages will hold their adjustments longer.  Massage increases blood flow to muscles that are using more oxygen than they are receiving.  These muscles feel tight and painful and can continue to pull the joints they attach to out of place. This type of massage will also stimulate the immune system.  Ideally, everyone would get a massage at least once a month, even if it was just for the immune benefits.  The immune system relies on proper muscle function in order to flow through the lymphatic system.  A massage encourages this flow and helps your body fight disease, infection, swelling, and inflammation.  

We also offer what is called a Raindrop massage using Young Living oils.  Raindrop massage is a relaxing, energy balancing massage that combines massage techniques with pure Young Living essential oils.   The technique uses a variety of essential oils (basil, cypress, marjoram, oregano, peppermint, thyme, and wintergreen) and essential oil blends (Aroma Siez and Valor).  It starts with the feet, and then moves up to the spine, all while applying these essential oils in a specific sequence.  

Prenatal massage is another popular option.  We have a specialized pillow that allows our pregnant patients to comfortably lay on their stomach so they can relax and keep baby comfortable at the same time.  Our therapist know where the trouble spots are with our pregnant patients and are able to help make your wonderful pregnancy experience even more magical.