We consider our office to not just be a chiropractic office, but actually a full Wellness Center.  Our philosophy is that we are partners in our mutual goal to give you the help you need to achieve the highest level of wellness that you can.  That is why we added the Flotation Tank and Infrared Sauna, so that we could add more tools to help you regain and maintain your health.  Our plan for this section of the website is for it to be constantly evolving, just as we are as practitioners.  Stay on the lookout for blog posts regarding nutrition and other integrative health news and information.  Also, information about essential oils, supplements, and other health related news and notes.  


Dr. Derek is currently in a course of study to become a Certified Integrative Health Care Practitioner, after which he will test to become a Diplomat of Clinical Nutrition (DACBN).  This will provide our office with the knowledge and ability to provide complete nutritional counseling, care, and testing in order to address those issues that may be holding you back from peak health, or possibly even causing your current health problems.   Throughout this process, and after, he will be blogging with information that can help you make good decisions regarding your health in daily life.  Check back often to read these blogs and feel free to contact us with any questions about this program.  


We are fervent supporters of everything these oils have to offer.  Aromatherapy is a time tested practice, but these oils don't just stop there.  Most of the them can be diffused, applied topically, or even ingested as a supplement.  Young Living also has dietary supplements and essential oil blends used for specific purposes as well as cleaning supplies, personal care items, and diffusers and other accessories.  Click here to be directed to the Young Living product page for more information.  You can also use our contact page in order to ask us any questions you have about individual oils or supplements and what they are used for. You can purchase some of these products and oils on our Shop page (coming soon!).  You can also contact us on our contact page about signing up for a Young Living Distributorship and get the products at wholesale cost.  There are no minimum orders per month, so you can just order them when you need them.  Or you can start your own oils business and start making money on it.  Your level of commitment is entirely up to you.  Please feel free to use the contact page with any questions about specific oils and their benefits, or questions about becoming a member to get the oils at the discounted rate.  You'll find that you quickly become an expert and you will not leave your house without a pocket/purse full of little jars of magic!


We offer a variety of nutritional supplements from a variety of companies.  We constantly monitor the effectiveness of the products we purchase and alter our suppliers accordingly.  We only purchase our supplements from companies that have rigorous quality standards and a board of medical professionals that approve all formulations.  Thus the products we sell can only be sold by healthcare professionals and not in stores.  Most supplements found in health and grocery stores have very lax standards and may even contain harmful products, or at the very least do not contain the proper enzymes and factors that allow for complete absorption.  In essence, they pass directly through your system and you end up wasting money.  Our nutritional items are available in our office or in our shop section of this website, where you can order and pick up or have the shipped to your home (coming soon!).